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Foster care needs

Until our website is fully back up, we will list our current needs here. Thank you for your understanding!


Back in October, I was fortunate to be able to visit all of our foster families in the city of Kaifeng (Henan province). As you know from our blog during that time, we had such a wonderful time seeing all of the children, handing out new coats and shoes, and getting to meet the foster parents who were taking such great care of their kids.

One of the children that I loved meeting was a little boy named Luke who has Down Syndrome. He was just so adorable, and his foster mom was completely in love with him. She told us how curious he was, and how much he loves music. I stood and listened to her talk about Luke, and looked at the walls behind her while she did. This foster mom had recently had another little boy to care for in her home, who had recently been adopted overseas. On the wall behind her, there were so many photos of that first little boy, all taped to the wall in a line like a border. Even though he had left her home, he certainly had not left her heart. As I listened to her now talk about how smart and happy little Luke was, I could only smile knowing that he was in the exact environment he deserved…loved and cared for by his very own “mama”.

Luke is in need of a foster care sponsor at $35 per month (just a little more than $1 per day) so that he can continue to be shown each day what a special little boy he is. If anyone would like to be Luke’s sponsor, please email foster@lwbmail.com Sponsors get photos and updates every other month.


TODAY is a “targeted day” for the LWB Facebook Challenge. If you want to help us try and win the $1000 daily prize to help fund baby Yang’s heart surgery, visit http://apps.facebook.com/causes/view_cause/51591 and donate $10 by 12 noon PST.

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