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Foster Care Training

Last week I visited 2 LWB Foster Care Programs – 1 very new, and 1 of our oldest cooperations. I had some good fun with all the foster parents as I introduced and delivered our first Foster Care Training.

There were some heated discussions on bathing the children with I learning some new nifty ideas of how to bathe children in colder weather and the Mom’s gaining from my “Attachment” training. The wonderful parents came from Huainan, Anhui and Loudi Hunan.

All those who attended received a certificate and we gathered for a group photo.

In Loudi where I have been foster care coordinator for several years, I was delighted to be able to treat all the foster parents to a banquet lunch with funds sent by the very grateful adoptive parents who also contributed to gift items for the children in the program.

To all those involved in the children’s care I say xie xie ni men – thank you all!

Julie Flynn Coleman

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