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Foster Care Visit

What a great day today! I got to meet all of the children in the Shantou Foster Care Program. At the first house we visited, we met the two children who live there plus two other Shantou Foster Care children who were visiting at the house. One of our little girls sang a song for us, and we were served candy to help celebrate Chinese New Year.

Next we went to another home where two little foster boys live. Several other foster moms and their children were also there to meet us. The orphanage took rice and oil to the families for Chinese New Year. What cute little chickens, I mean children, live in Shantou.

It was so fun to see these kids and their happy foster mamas. WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING it is to these children to be in a family! We saw Erik, who was featured a couple months ago on our blog and is blind, with his foster mama. He is so happy in his home.

One foster mother of a recently adopted little girl wanted me to know how much they loved her. I took a small photo album to one little girl who has recently been chosen by a family and I found out that two of the children in the program have families that I wasn’t aware of yet. There are now seven children in the program who have families waiting to come get them. How wonderful that so many of our foster children will soon have permanent homes.

After lunch we returned to the orphanage and I met more children….babies, babies so cute and so sweet! Their nanny was so energetic, all smiles and so much fun. What a wonderful lady. Then we visited the room where the Angels Love program allows the small children who are still crawling or just learning to stand and walk to play and have fun and some interaction together. There are so many cute babies in Shantou!

I am thankful that these healthy babies are being so blessed through the hard work and dedication of the workers at Shantou SWI, and through the programs that many people help to support through Love Without Boundaries. Thank you everyone who helps with this incredible effort at changing children’s lives.

Suzanne Damstedt
Shantou Foster Care Coordinator

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