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Foster Care’s visit to XiaoXian

Our foster care team’s visit to XiaoXian in Anhui was a day filled with laughter.   We think handing out new beanie babies probably had something to do with it!   The little boys also discovered that writing on your hands with new markers is pretty funny as well, as you can see from Sawyer’s photo above.

Bonnie is loving her new beanie baby.

Director Wang from the orphanage loves all the kids so much.  Little Faith was so happy to see her again when we visited and quickly leaned in for a hug.
Faith and Director Wang

We were so touched by the love between Emmerson and her foster father.  Emmerson still has not had her palate repaired, and her father has been writing to Chinese charities all over China asking for assistance for his daughter.   We had stopped doing very many palate surgeries in China, as many of the children in our programs were adopted after their lip was repaired.  But now that Anhui adoptions have slowed to a crawl, we have been gathering a long list of children in our programs there who will need to have their palates repaired for optimal speech progression.

Emmerson and her devoted foster father

We hope you enjoy some of the photos from XiaoXian!

Buddies Nicole and Lani and their new beanie babies

Sweet Hope

What a face Eileen is making!

Caleb gives this visit the thumbs up.

Chase waving bye-bye…until next time!

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