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Fostering Creativity in Cambodia

When LWB opened our new Believe in Me schools in rural Cambodia, we knew that art, creative writing, and music needed to become a regular part of the curriculum. Most government schools use a rote memorization system, and many of the children had never created artwork before or even seen a crayon.

We’re excited to be making an investment in the arts, purchasing guitars and other instruments so the children can begin music lessons at an early age. We’ve bought art supplies for the children and introduced our teachers to the wonders of Pinterest in planning weekly activities.

We want to get the parents in the villages excited about art education as well, so they don’t view the lessons as a waste of time. We decided to hold an art contest and have the parents come one evening to the school to see what their children had created. And we planned to have our wonderful supporters choose the winner, who would get to take home a prize.

And then we got photos of every child proudly holding their drawings, and we knew that choosing one winner would be extremely difficult since each little artist was obviously so proud of what they had done. The children drew things from their daily lives, such as their stilt houses, animals, and flowers.

One little girl, who has told us that the hot lunch she gets at our school is the only meal of her day, drew food.

Our first response was of course, “Everybody wins.”

The children made their drawings knowing it was a contest, however, so we do need your help. Please vote for your favorite picture by Thursday night, and we will announce the winner in school on Friday.

(And if you are softies like us, also know that every child is going to get a treat for trying their very best. The winner will get a big bag of rice to take home to their family.)

Thanks for helping us choose!

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