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Four Adorable Reasons to Sponsor Foster Care Nutrition!

The babies and toddlers in LWB’s foster care program are busy growing and developing!  To insure that their bodies have all the nutrients and calories needed, we provide fortified cereal to children under 24 months of age through our Foster Care Nutrition program.

natalie 1

Infant cereal is a good introduction to solid food. Foster parents are encouraged to use the cereal to transition their baby from formula to solid foods.  Picky toddlers don’t always make healthy food choices, so the familiar cereal helps insure that they receive much needed iron and vitamins.

Why sponsor nutrition for a foster care child?  Here are four adorable reasons:

natalie 2Natalie:  “Because eating my cereal gives me much needed energy to help my mom.”

anderAnder:  “Because I need help transitioning from a bottle to solid food.”

carlos (1)Carlos:  “Because cereal gives me a chance to learn to use a spoon.”

melanieMelanie:  “Because cereal gives me strength to carry my bear!”

We could go on and on, but hopefully this gives you just a few insights as to why we love our Foster Care Nutrition program!  Sponsorships are just $15 per month, and sponsors will receive monthly photos and reports.

Thank you for considering helping us with this essential program!

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