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Four New Babies

It’s been a busy few weeks for babies! We recently welcomed four new little ones to our LWB program in China.

Baby Hayes was the first to arrive. He was born with Down Syndrome this summer and found himself living at an orphanage not long after his birth. His orphanage asked if we could step in to give him extra nurturing to reach key milestones, so he joined our Xiaoxian On-Site Family Care program in mid-December. Roberta seems quite eager to help out. Won’t it be great that he will have a big foster sister to play with?

Next came Baby Elgin. Found on a cold December night, Elgin had obviously been born prematurely and weighed just 1.5 kgs. Thankfully, his orphanage called us as soon as he was brought in by the police, and we were able to rush him to the largest children’s hospital in the province.

He is now safely in the NICU and is showing everyone around him what a strong boy he is.

We expect that Elgin will remain in the hospital for one month to gain the necessary weight for discharge to our healing home. Doctors were able to stop IV nutrition, and Elgin is now drinking on his own. What a resilient little guy he is!

Right after Christmas, an orphanage called us for help with Cami, a one-month girl born with unilateral cleft lip and palate. Despite their best efforts to feed her, Cami was still struggling.

She entered LWB care with some respiratory issues, but under the care of our healing home nannies, she is growing stronger. Once she is a little older, we will make plans to have Cami’s cleft lip repaired which will surely make it easier for her to eat!

Last week, another orphanage contacted us about a two-week-old baby boy who had been left at an emergency clinic and found by a doctor.  We rushed Baby Ryder to the hospital where doctors discovered a small surgical scar on his shoulder blade. Doctors feel that he may have received surgery on his heart, lung, or possibly a small tumor, before he was abandoned.

Baby Ryder weighed just 2.4 kg and was naturally very fussy and upset. Doctors diagnosed him with a severe lung infection, electrolyte imbalance, septicemia, and two heart defects, but thankfully he has stabilized.

We are so thankful that these orphanages called us for help! Thankfully, your gifts at the end of 2019 allowed us to say “yes” to all four babies.  We look forward to bringing you much more baby news in 2020!

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