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Four Special Students From Believe in Me Qingyang

This spring, students at our Believe In Me orphanage school in Qingyang have been busy with lots of fun enrichment activities. They have been celebrating Chinese New Year, reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle, learning about numbers and shapes, and eating lots of healthy snacks – all while having fun with their teachers and friends!

Jane 12.15

We want to show you a typical day in the Qingyang Believe in Me classroom through the eyes of four very special students who are currently waiting to be matched with adoptive families:  Martin, Diane, Jane, and Samuel. These students are so special to us, and we hope this is the year they will each be chosen by a forever family.

Three-year-old Martin is such a good helper around the classroom. His teachers report that Martin likes to clean up and help put things away. They also say he loves to help other students with their chairs and throw away trash.

Martin Lara 3.16

Here is Martin helping his teachers by doing the dishes with his friend. He sure looks like he enjoys getting wet, doesn’t he? Martin also recently enjoyed exploring the sights for Chinese New Year. He was captivated by the beautiful red decorations.

Martin 2.16

Martin has learned to point to several body parts and say several phrases in Chinese. He has also been improving his fine motor skills by coloring and working with modeling clay. Look at that awesome “hungry caterpillar” Martin has made with his teacher!

martin caterpillar 2.16

Another student, nine-year-old Diane, has been working on her writing and math skills.

Diane 1.16

Her teachers report she likes to color pictures and can count up to 13. Students have been working on number recognition, addition, and subtraction. Go Diane!

Diane writing 2.16

Diane has also been singing, dancing, jumping, building snowmen, and throwing a ball. Her teachers say Diane likes to be independent and takes pride in her achievements.

Diane 3.16

Recently Diane was also able to help with making special treats for Chinese New Year and “hungry caterpillars” out of vegetables. Diane is pictured here getting lots of hands-on practice with her cooking skills. Looks yummy!

Diane chopping cucumber 3.16

One of our volunteers took this video of Diane reciting a traditional Chinese poem. We think she does a fantastic job and love her expressions!

Six-year-old Jane is another student from Qingyang who is full of joy. Her teachers report that Jane likes to sit and look at picture books, smiling the whole time! It’s obvious that Jane loves the individual attention she is receiving here from her teachers (seen in the very top photo) and from LWB volunteer Ashley.

Jane Ashley

In the classroom, Jane has been working on learning self-care skills like brushing her teeth, washing her hands, and feeding herself with a spoon.

Jane brushing teeth 1.16

She is able to throw a ball and likes to take walks with the other children. Also, she’s learning about shapes like stars and loves to dance to music.

Samuel 1.16

Samuel, who is eight, loves showing us his smile as well. It looks like he is missing a few teeth!

Samuel smiling

Samuel likes to ride in the toy car, color pictures, dance, play games with the other children, and help his teacher clean up.


Samuel also receives healthy snacks on each school day thanks to sponsors of LWB’s School Nutrition program. We love this sweet picture of Samuel serving a snack to his friend. What a sweetheart!

Samuel serving Sarah 3.16

We are so thankful for the support of our Education program sponsors that make fun-filled school days possible for our  students at Believe in Me Qingyang. Each of these children are able to reach their full potential because of generous donors.

If you would like to learn more about any of these four special students – Martin, Diane, Jane, or Samuel — we invite you to contact our Adoption Advocacy Team at [email protected].

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact [email protected] with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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