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Four Ways to Celebrate National Adoption Month

This November, please join us in celebrating National Adoption Month!

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Whether we know and love someone who is adopted, are ourselves an adoptee, or have been privileged to have adopted a son or daughter ourselves, many of us have been touched by adoption. While Love Without Boundaries is not an adoption agency, adoption is something we celebrate and advocate for daily since the majority of children we have the privilege of working with are among the thousands of children in China currently without families of their own.

Although we do have a Unity Initiative whose goal is family preservation, LWB works primarily with orphaned children. Some are fragile babies in need of medical treatment who have just come into our care.

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We are not an adoption agency, but we answer questions daily from families interested in adopting these little ones. When permanency is not an option, we encourage orphanages to file adoption paperwork as soon as possible to give children the best possible opportunity to find a forever family.

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If you are interested in helping to make adoption a reality for a child, we have come up with four specific things you can do to help make a difference in the lives of orphaned children.

1. Donate to our Adoption Assistance Grants program. Thanks to generous donors, we are able to offer Adoption Assistance grants to children in our programs who have been waiting for too long to be chosen for adoption. As we all know, adoption can be expensive, and these grants provide encouragement and support to families  who are considering adopting a harder to place child. A donation in any amount to our Adoption Assistance Grants program can help one of these waiting children to be chosen.

Victor brushing teeth 9.15Victor has a $3,000 Adoption Assistance Grant from LWB (in addition to a grant of over $4,000 from Reece’s Rainbow)

2.  Advocate for waiting children. We often share photos on social media and our blog of children who need a little extra assistance finding their families.  Sharing their stories is one of the most effective ways in which you can help get the word out!  Many families tell us that they would never have seen their treasured son or daughter’s face without the effort of those who shared their story.

Titus1.15Titus is one of the children in our programs waiting to be chosen by a family

3. Sponsor an orphaned child in one of our programs. Our foster care program specifically helps children experience the love of a family prior to finding permanency. While foster families are typically unable to adopt the children they foster, we do believe that our foster care program offers great benefits to the child and prepares them for joining their adoptive family.

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4.  Visit our Adopt Special Needs website and share it with anyone interested in adoption. Since most orphaned children from China now have some kind of special need, this website is valuable in learning more about some of these special needs and identifying useful resources related to special needs.


Have you ever heard people say, “Why do you help children in China when there are kids right here in need of families?” We believe that ALL children deserve to know the love of a family, regardless of where they were born. If you share this belief, we encourage you to choose a way in which to help celebrate National Adoption Month!

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