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Frankie from True Children’s Healing Home

Frankie came to LWB’s True Children’s Healing Home in September, after a long journey from his home province of Shaanxi. At six months old he weighed less than ten pounds and was in need of a great deal of careful nurturing, but his sparkling eyes told us that we would soon be seeing a strong and active Frankie.

The TCHH caregivers immediately set about filling Frankie’s tummy with nutritious formula and filling his little soul with love and attention. Frankie began to thrive. Within a few weeks he had started crawling, and by November he was brave enough to approach the bigger babies and take their toys away!

Even with expert care, eating can be a challenge for babies who are cleft affected; so everyone was thrilled for Frankie when he tipped the scales at 12 pounds and was ready for his cleft lip repair surgery. Frankie underwent a very successful surgery and returned to TCHH to recover in his caregivers’ loving arms. Today 11-month-old Frankie continues to blossom. In addition to his beloved formula, he now enjoys noodles and rice porridge. He treasures the individual attention he receives throughout the day. He loves playing games like peek-a-boo with his caregivers, and his delightful smiles and giggles fill the room.

What a joy it is to see how much Frankie has grown and learned in the loving environment of the True Children’s Healing Home!

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  • Jill Donnelly says:

    He was cute before, but that after photo in the stroller is making me swoon. He is adorable!