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Friday Fun: A Little Trip Trivia

MiaoVillagechildsmallGuizhou foster mom and child

This week, three LWB team members from the U.S. are leaving for China to visit existing programs and to hopefully set up some new programs as well. They have a very busy itinerary which includes several different Chinese provinces. As you read about their trip, we thought it would be fun to challenge you with some trivia questions about these areas.

Lanzhou children 2

Our team members’ first stop will be Gansu province, located in far northwestern China. LWB recently opened an in-orphanage Believe in Me school program inside the Lanzhou Social Welfare Institute. We are excited to get to know the wonderful kids who were just enrolled in this school.

Trivia:  Gansu province was an important part of the ancient Silk Road.  Can you name the famous desert and river that pass through this province?

huainan kidsChildren from Huainan

After visiting Gansu, our team will then fly to Anhui province, which is located in eastern China. LWB has many programs in this province and good relations with almost every orphanage here. We will be visiting the Anhui Healing Home, several foster care programs, the Huainan Believe in Me school, and more.

Trivia:  Can you name the major industry in Huainan?

HuainanA courtyard in Huainan

After Anhui, our team will head to Guizhou province, located in southwestern China.  LWB now has four foster care programs in Guizhou, and we hope to open more in the future. While checking on our programs in Kaili, our team will be staying in a traditional Miao village. Then they will  drive through the mountains to the Qianxi orphanage in the northwestern part of the province.

MiaoVillagesmallTraditional Miao village in Guizhou

Trivia:  Guizhou is a wonderful province to visit because it is home to many of China’s ethnic minority groups. True or False? The Dong minority group has no written language.

Heidi 11

After their time in Guizhou, our team will then fly to Beijing to visit the beautiful children like Heidi, above, at the Heartbridge Healing Home. They have promised lots of stories and photos when they return at the end of March, so stay tuned for upcoming blogs on their journey.

HBbumbosHappy Heartbridge kids!

Trivia:  China is the fourth largest country in the world. How many time zones does it have?

We hope you enjoyed this little quiz!  Please look for new blogs from our team in the coming weeks as they travel around China.

Trivia Answers:
1) The Gobi Desert and the Yellow River both run through Gansu.
2) Coal mining is the major industry in Huainan.
3) The Dong people have no formal written language. Researchers attempted to create one for them in 1958, but it has not been widely accepted. The Dong use songs and oral stories for much of their history.
4) Despite being the fourth largest country in the world, China has just one time zone.

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