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From Foster Family to Forever Family!

If you have been one of the privileged that has had the opportunity to visit your child’s orphanage, then you understand the importance and the need for FOSTER CARE. No matter how wonderful, clean and well-cared for the orphanage is, it pales in comparison for the need that can only come from knowing what it is to have a family! While the nannies at the orphanages do their very best to care for and love these children, there just aren’t enough of them to go around to give the one-on-one love and attention these children need. Hence, the importance of a family.

Our daughter, Meisyn, was blessed to have been in the foster care program with LWB. I know without a shadow of a doubt had Meisyn not been in foster care, she most likely would not be alive today. While born with a complex heart condition which caused her to be small and weak, Meisyn knew what it was like to have a family to love her, care for her, and help her when she was sick. She also learned what it was like to be a member of a family unit. She had the opportunity to learn how to help her foster family with chores, as well as to be involved in family gatherings and adventures. She not only learned how to receive love and affection but also how to give it back. These two elements are critical when it comes to the bonding and attachment process once with a forever family. And I can say Meisyn came into our family with a very loving and giving heart. I truly think that being in foster care made her transition into our family much easier, once she went through her grieving process. It was the LOVE from her foster family that sustained her little life until we were able to bring her home.

Meisyn is a vibrant, active, and happy little girl. Simply put… she LOVES life and everyone and everything that she encounters. She brings so much joy, laughter, and happiness to our family, and we can’t imagine how dull and lifeless our home would be without her in it.

I will be forever grateful for LWB and the wonderful sponsors that enabled Meisyn to be part of this program – a program that was instrumental in saving her life. While LWB strives to do everything humanly possible for all these precious children, it takes more. It takes selfless individuals to step up and give from their hearts to sponsor these children so that they are allowed to have what EVERY child deserves… and that is to know what it means to be truly loved.

Meisyn’s grateful mommy,
Jennifer McCoy

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