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From Hard Places to Hope

When our team visited Cambodia for the first time last month, they visited a city dumpsite where they had been told children both lived and worked.  Nothing could have prepared them for the emotional impact of seeing children living in such deplorable conditions.

cambodia child dump

Hundreds of children in Cambodia actually live at garbage dump sites like this one in a desperate search for recyclables to sell and for food to eat. They work 12-14 hours a day, digging through the trash piles looking for items like glass and plastic bottles, among the rats, flies, and even medical waste.

This is not a safe place for children to live. But they and their families have ended up here as they try to earn even $1 a day on which to live. (Read more in our CEO’s blog about their visit here).

cambodia dump waste children

Six-year-old Cody lives with his parents at the dump site. His family scavenges for recyclables each day and have built a makeshift shelter in which to live.

Jamie‘s situation is very similar. He is five years old and lives at the dump site with two of his siblings and his parents.

Isabelle is a beautiful little girl who also works each day as a garbage picker.

The needs of these children can truly seem overwhelming, especially since poverty is so cyclical. It’s often said that the best gauge of whether a child will end up impoverished as an adult is whether they are living in poverty right now. But there is a tangible way out that we all know…and that’s through the power of education. 

Cody and Jamie’s families have agreed to let us take the boys to a private school every day during the week so that they can get a good education. We are hopeful that this could start them on the road to a love of learning — truly the only path out of the crushing poverty in which they live. Isabelle would like to attend school as well, and we want to make that a reality.

For $50 per month, you could sponsor one of these beautiful children and give hope to them and their families. The school closest to the dump site is a private one, so the costs are much more than public school (which is too far from the dump for them to attend).  You could do a half sponsorship of $25 a month, or cover one of the children’s entire costs at the full $50.

We recently took the children to the store in order to buy them their first school uniforms.  Cody seemed to know he looked pretty sharp in his new white shirt and blue slacks.

All of the children look wonderful, don’t they?

We look forward to working together to ensure they are given the opportunity to rise above their current circumstances. We’d love you to join with us!

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  • Ashley W. says:

    They all look so sharp in their lovely uniforms. Thank you LWB for your dedication to these children.