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From Mongolia, With Love

Over the last fourteen years of our work providing pediatric medical care, children born with congenital heart defects have always been so dear to us.  As most of you know, LWB actually began trying to help one little baby get the heart surgery he needed.  Today, keeping in mind baby Kang who began it all for us, we are asking you to consider helping a beautiful baby girl from Mongolia get her life-saving operation and a chance for a healthy future.

Mongolia lies between Russia to the north and China to the south, and it is the most sparsely populated country on earth.  Winters in this expansive land are cold and harsh, and access to complex medical care can be challenging.

We recently learned about a five-month-old little girl we are calling Annabelle. Born to an impoverished family, Annabelle has a large VSD (a hole between the lower chambers of her heart).  This causes her to feel weak and to have to breathe harder than normal. More dangerously, this VSD is causing high pressure in the blood vessels to her lungs.  Left untreated, this will cause permanent damage and will eventually end her life. The doctors in Mongolia who evaluated Annabelle told her family that their only hope is to find a heart center outside of Mongolia who can perform surgery.

LWB has arranged for Annabelle and her family to fly to China in order to have surgery with the wonderful pediatric heart surgeons at Fudan Children’s Hospital. Doctors feel surgery should be done as soon as possible, and so everything has come together quickly. Annabelle is actually leaving Mongolia today.  Her family does not speak Mandarin or English, so LWB staff in China have arranged for Mongolian students in Beijing to meet the family and help them through the process of connecting to their flight headed to Shanghai. Additional volunteer students will meet the family in Shanghai and help them get to the hospital for check-in.  Such a wonderful team effort!

Surgery is estimated to cost $10,000, and we are still in need of $9,300 to pay for this essential operation.  We are so glad that we can show “Love Without Boundaries” to this desperate family from Mongolia as we work together to make sure their beautiful daughter has a chance at a full and healthy life.

Thank you for thinking of them today as they make this long journey. We know being in a hospital where they won’t understand the language will be stressful, but hopefully our welcoming committee will help ease their fears.

If you would like to be part of Annabelle’s life story, we would be truly grateful for donations in any amount.

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