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From The Netherlands to China with Love

I received an email from a mom who had just been to China on a heritage trip with her daughter. This mom was from The Netherlands and her daughter had been adopted from an orphanage in the Jiangxi province. While they were visiting the orphanage her daughter had been from, they met a beautiful little 3 year old boy. This little boy, Gang, had a very serious heart condition….. This mom just knew she had to do something to help this little boy!

At the same time that we received word that he was operable and that the orphanage had all of the approvals for his surgery, our website went down…. The woman who originally told us about this little boy was not deterred. She was determined to raise the money for this little boy…..$5000 to heal his heart…..

I was so excited to get the first email from her, the Dutch adoptive families groups she had contacted had raised $1000 in just a couple of days….then the next email just six days later said that they had it all! So many people from The Netherlands rallied around this little boy and helped raise the money he needed and this was all without the website.

Because the money had been raised right before Chinese New Year, we needed to wait until after the holiday to schedule his surgery. In the meantime, this mom knew what a little boy who was going to be having heart surgery needed. She put together a FUN care package for both this little boy and his auntie. She wanted his hospital experience to be positive and wanted him to feel all of the well wishes. The care package also included something for his auntie. This package was mailed and received during the holiday, ready and waiting for the day of his surgery.

Last Thursday, February 28, he had his surgery and it was a success! Within two days, he was moved from ICU to a regular bed. His recovery has gone so well. He still has congested lungs, so he will need to wait a little longer before he will be able to be discharged.

In the meantime….Gang is having fun! Look at the photos we just received! Gang loved his gift! He was so happy to receive his presents. He had so much fun playing doctor – his favorites were the syringe and stethoscope. This little boy was also very generous and was very willing to share his toys too. What a memory he has! He can write his numbers and can imitate English words. He is SO smart! When it was time for our hospital coordinator to leave, he loved to give kisses goodbye! What a cutie!

We know that this little boy, who is now healed, will soon have a wonderful chance to find a family. We have heard that his paperwork is at or will soon be at the CCAA. Not only that, but he has so many friends in The Netherlands who will be a part of him forever……..

Karen Maunu

Medical Director

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