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From Tragedy to Bright New Beginning

Have you ever heard a story so tragic that it’s hard to take it all in, to really conceive of all that you have heard? That’s how we felt when we first learned of Brycen.

Brycen is a teenage boy living in a small village in Uganda. One of our team members met Brycen by chance when she was interviewing prospective students for a new school project we are beginning in partnership with Childcare Uganda.

Brycen was using his hands to walk through the hard and rocky dirt.

It’s difficult to watch, isn’t it?┬áThis is a smart, passionate, and strong individual. He is also a double amputee, having lost his legs in an accident as a young child.

When he was just three years old, Brycen was hit by a truck. Coming from an incredibly poor family with five other children, school was never an option for him. His family feared for his physical and emotional safety, and he has spent most of his life confined to the family home.

Brycen’s┬áhouse lacks all modern conveniences. There’s no water, no electricity and no plumbing. Out of desperation for himself and his family, he has sometimes turned to begging. He lacks any formal education, and yet he yearns for knowledge and a better life.

Brycen’s sibling holding a photo of him

Through the efforts of our team members in Uganda as well as our amazing volunteer network, we were able to find a number of options for wheelchairs and even hand-crank carts that are constructed to be functional and durable in this region’s rough terrain. We are able to source a chair and a cart in the local area, which means Brycen can be measured for the best and safest fit.

We learned that wheelchair users have the greatest commitment to using and maintaining their equipment when they have bought into them, so Brycen will have an interest in his chair and earn it through his participation in rehabilitation and training. He wants to attend a trade school and use his great physical strength to provide a valuable service to his community, and this will also create meaningful future employment.

We wish to first provide a wheelchair and rehabilitation, and then a hand-crank cart and future vocational training. Please join with us in providing the resources that will allow Brycen to reach his goals. Your contribution in any amount is very much appreciated.

Help us to create a bright new beginning for Brycen!

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