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The rest of our 6 babies arrived today along with the LWB Cleft Home Coordinator, Sandi Glass and her daughter Caitlin. We are now have a house full of babies with 8 children in residence. I spoke on the phone with Sandi briefly this morning from China after she had been in Hefei only a few hours to get her first impressions. She said the home was beautiful, the Cleft Home Staff were very kind and attententive, and the children were gorgeous. This project has been a labor of love for dozens and dozens of people around the world for many years. With all sincerity, we cannot thank you enough for your support and belief that we can make this dream a reality.

When I first looked at this photo I said to myself, I wonder how long Sandi was able to resist taking one of the children into her arms and hugging them? We have seen photos of the children for a good month now. It is not until I see Sandi actually holding a child in her arms does it really sink in how tiny, fragile, and vulnerable these little ones are and how totally dependent they are for us to help them reach their full potential.

I asked our Cleft Home Manager how things were going today and he said all was well. The nanny’s were thoroughly enjoying taking care of the children under their watch and making sure that they are warm, fed, and well. We have 6 nanny’s at the home right now taking care of the 8 babies during this stage of transition. So far, so good. Notice the couch full of clothes that Sandi brought with her. If you have been following the blog, you remember Sandi warned she has been shopping…

We had our first visitors today too. A few of the staff come by the home to meet Sandi and see the home in operation. The ACH doctors said that Cleft Home is a wonderful project! They explained that this partnership will allow them to choose the best suitable date to do the cleft repair and also give them the chance to see how well the cleft babies are healing after they are discharged from hospital to the cleft home. They talked with Sandi how ACH will perform a routine check on the babies once a week to make sure the children are growing and thriving. We are so grateful for our partnership with this hospital yet again to provide the best possible care for the children. The doctors from ACH (from Left to Right) are cleft surgeon Doctor Wang, heart surgeon Doctor Ding, Anhui Regional Director & LWB Cleft Home Manager Zhang Ming, Director Zhai, LWB Cleft Home Coordinator Sandi Glass, Sheri Glass, and Vice Director Zhang. Both Director Zhai and Zhang are in charge of doing the coordination between ACH departments with LWB.
After a good night’s sleep, Sandi will hopefully be able to post some first hand accounts tomorrow. Thank you.
Heidi Reitz
Foster Care Director

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  • Terry says:

    So good to see that Sandi and her daughter (Caitlin, not Sheri) arrived safely. I was surprised to see pictures of Sandi WITHOUT a baby in her arms! My prayers continue for all of you …