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We have a wonderful update to share about Chuan.

Now that his nerves have been separated from each other at the base of his spine, he has more feeling! His recovery is going very well.

But the best news of all is that Tingting had recently visited the Hangzhou orphanage in Zhejiang province, and she was so impressed with their school for older children that they have in the orphanage. The kids receive not only a quality education, but also much needed PT each day. Well, thanks to everyone working together to help this child, the orphanage director in Hangzhou has offered Chuan a spot in their school, and the orphanage director in Anhui has agreed that Chuan can be transferred there! When Tingting told Chuan that he could go to school, he was about to jump off the bed in joy. He said that he is going to study so hard so that someday he can go to medical school and become Dr. Bao’s neurosurgery assistant to help children like him!

We want to thank everyone for their prayers for Chuan. We are so excited that his operation was such a success and that he will now have the chance to get a good education. He has touched all of our hearts with his kind and always optimistic spirit.

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