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After our trip to Huainan SWI early Wednesday morning, we headed off for Western Anhui in the Mobile Medical Van for Fuyang SWI. LWB and Lotus Tours have helped fund extensive renovations at the orphanage and we were able to see the new cribs, water purifier and heating system recently installed. We were actually greeted by the local TV crew and newspaper reporters.

We we taken to a room where some disabled children were waiting for us. The wonderful ACH Physio Therapists set to work evaluating the children they were shown whilst the LWB team took some time to play with the children. We were delighted by one little girl who had minimal use of her legs. She was sitting cuddling a huge soft pig and we were immediately drawn by her huge smile. As we chatted to her in English, she repeated everything we said almost perfectly back to us. She loved the stickers we had brought and was very pleased having them stuck on her hands and jumper.

We then moved on to see our Foster Care children. We currently have only 9 children in our program at Fuyang. Once again we were greeted by smiling children and doting foster parents all eager to show off their children. Again the children were delighted with their beanie babies, dresses, toys and stickers. I was very touched to see one little girl who does not talk excitedly run up to one of the Directors and hug her and then pull her by the hand into the home. Another sweet story was of an 11 year old boy who knew it was his foster mother’s birthday so he sang Happy Birthday to her and then made her a meal with noodles.

We agreed to expand the program by a few more children, so we will be seeking further sponsors in the near future.

It was then time to have a meal with the Directors and ACH staff and then off to our hotel, which I have to say I was delighted to see named ‘Buckingham Palace’. I obviously looked pleased as next morning I was presented with a Buckingham Palace mug and teapot.

Arlene Howard
Anhui Director of Operations

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