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Gal: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Gal is one of our newer residents at our Henan Healing Home (HHH), born at the end of May and joining us a couple of weeks later. Born with a cleft lip and palate, Gal had the additional problems of an oral infection, a very upset little tummy, and the added insult of a bad diaper rash.

After several weeks of medical treatment and tender care from his nannies, Gal began to feel better, eat more, and open his beautiful eyes to take in his surroundings. He is still only able to take about 90 ml. (3 oz.) of formula at a time; so he keeps his nanny busy with frequent feedings. The result: Gal has found “a big voice,” according to the HHH staff, and he has gained nearly a pound.

Gal needs to gain at least three more pounds before it will be safe for him to have surgery and is in need of sponsors at $50 per month (or $25 per month for a shared sponsorship). As a sponsor, you can follow his journey and rejoice when he finally meets this important milestone.

* Sponsor Gal at Henan Healing Home

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