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Gena’s In Charge!

Last fall we ran a blog about a darling four-year-old named Gena from our Zhaotong foster care program. Gena was born with no eyes, and her eyelids are fused shut. However, this seems to have intesified Gena’s determination to become independent and to make her opinions known. Our foster care manager reports that Gena is becoming more and more confident and can even be, well, a little bossy! She recognizes each of the family member’s cell phone ring tones.  When she hears a phone ring, she calls out the name of the relevant owner and tells them to answer the phone. When she hears the family meal being prepared, she instructs everyone to take their places at the table. When adults ask one another to do tasks such as clean the floor or help with the food preparation, Gena is always there to repeat the instruction and ensure that everyone does as he or she is told.

This spring, we received a set of videos of Gena showing her chatting with and interacting with her foster family. Her little voice is so cute, and she seems to take charge of the room with her very charismatic personality! (If you are reading this as a subscriber, please click through to view the videos directly on lwbcommunity.org).

As is the tradition in China, Gena received new clothes for spring festival. In this photo it looks like she isn’t too happy with her new woolen sweater. No doubt she has told everyone her opinion!

Gena has been paperwork-ready for over a year now. Surely there is a family out there somewhere just waiting for a spunky, chatty, feisty girl to come and take charge of their lives!

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