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Gentle Ben

Ben’s foster mother describes him as a real jokester — and you can just see the slightly mischievous glint in his eye in the above photo of him!

She also reports that he is turning into a perfect gentleman and host. When visitors stop by, Ben greets them and makes sure they have everything they need for a nice visit.

His favorite snack is a fresh apricot. The family happens to have an apricot tree, so when Ben has a hankering for a juicy snack, he just knocks one off of the tree with a stick.

This gentle lad has been with his foster family in Xiao Xian since he was one month old. He currently needs two sponsors to help him remain with his loving family. The cost is $35 per month and each sponsor will receive monthly photos and reports. Will you be Ben’s sponsor??

Jodi Allion is the Xiao Xian Foster Care Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. She and her husband, Darryl, live in sunny FL with their four children: David (18), Michael (14), Leah (8, adopted from Anhui Province in 2006) and Alanna (6, adopted from Anhui Province in 2004). Both of their daughters were waiting children.

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