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Gentle Zachary

Waiting on the shared list for his family to find him is a very special little boy named Zachary who impresses everyone he meets with his gentle, warmhearted nature. Maureen Brogan, our cleft surgery coordinator, met Zachary during our 2010 cleft surgery trip and wanted to share her impressions of this lovely boy from Fujian.

Zachary had his cleft lip and palate repaired during our 2010 cleft surgery trip and was featured in several blogs about the trip (Day Two, Day Three, and the final day). However, he has a severe protrusion of his front teeth and gum. Despite this deformity, he is a handsome boy. He needs an orthodontist or oral surgeon to start moving his jaw and upper teeth into the proper position. This procedure and the required braces are not available in China, and his best hope for a bright future is adoption.

When I first met him, I was struck by his big brown eyes that followed us everywhere. We would catch him peeking around the door frame to watch us and the nurses work. When I brought sticker books and toys to play with, he investigated every one of them carefully and then handed them off to his friends to play with.  He also quickly figured out how to crank the head of the bed up and down and how to turn on and off the oxygen saturation monitor for us. We teasingly called him “Curious George” but soon we noticed the other side of him…the side that is compassionate and gentle.

Zachary had surgery before his friends and recovered quickly after his palate was repaired. He was up and exploring with his friends just hours after surgery.  After his friends had their surgeries the next day, he stuck close to them in their beds, gently patting them on their arms until they too were ready to join him in his adventures or observations of all the activity around them. He shared everything with them, including his food. He was so gentle and kind in his interactions with the babies that he seemed so much older than a two-year-old.

BFFs Yasmine and Zachary

Zachary, who is now three years old, is a curious, busy toddler who treasures his friends. We have been told that Zachary’s friends from the cleft surgery trip, Yasmine and Chloe, are soon to be adopted. Yasmine has recently joined her family in the Netherlands, and Chloe is soon to come to the United States. Another of Zachary’s friends is Grant, whose paperwork has not reached the shared list as yet.  Zachary is still waiting for that special family to see him and feel that he belongs in their family.

~Maureen Brogan, Cleft Surgery Coordinator

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