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Getting Ready To Change Lives: The 2012 Cleft Exchange

Our 2012 Cleft Exchange in quickly approaching.  In less than one month, four doctors from the United States will travel to Kaifeng, Henan and perform up to 40 cleft lip and palate surgeries.  At the same time they will be working with Chinese doctors and training them in the best methods of performing quality cleft surgeries.  It is our hope that through this training, more children in China will have beautiful cleft repairs for years to come.

Our last cleft exchange took place in Fuzhou in the fall of 2010 where thirty children received life-changing surgeries.  Most of the orphaned children who were a part of that trip have since been adopted by their forever families.


One such child was Myriam.  When Myriam was seven months old, she arrived at the hospital in Fuzhou weighing 11 pounds.   Dr. Ness did a great job on her lip, and Myriam healed well.  Soon after her surgery, Myriam’s orphanage submitted her paperwork for adoption, as they are more likely to do after a child has had their lip surgery.  Six months after her surgery, Myriam was in the arms of her forever family. Just look at her now! Myriam now lives in Canada and has an older sister, also adopted from China.  She had her cleft palate surgery a few months after coming home and is doing very well.  Myriam’s mother describes her daughter as extraordinary and loved by all. If you would like to help another child like Myriam have their best chance at a healthy life and the love of a family, you can sponsor a child on our Cleft Exchange webpage. We hope you’ll consider becoming a part of something that can change a child’s life for good!

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