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Our nutrition team recently got a new batch of photos and information from one of the orphanages that we help with formula. It is so much fun to hear about the personalities of these little ones!

“Xuan: A few days ago, the nanny was giving cookies and fruits as snacks for the babies. Nanny told the kids to say, ‘Ayi’ (‘auntie’ in Chinese) before they get the food. Suddenly nanny heard a strange voice and it was Xuan who had a little rubber duck under her foot. Xuan stepped her foot on the duck and made a loud voice to get the attention of the nanny. Of course she succeeded. She got the snack first.” Can’t you just see her doing that?

“Xing: Xing loves to help the nanny to do something. Once the nanny was preparing the formula for the babies. She first prepared the clean bottles in a basket. Then she goes to get the formula. But she could not find the bottles when she came back with the formula. She went around to look for the bottles then she realized that it must be Xing who took the bottles away. She was right. Xing took the basket to the room of the babies and was trying to put the bottles on the table. She wanted to help the nanny. She is such is sweet little girl.” Auntie’s little helper, isn’t that cute?

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