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Last week, a tiny baby boy came into the world weighing just 1 kg.  When he was found outside, he was taken to the local orphanage.  Staff there called LWB immediately to see if we could help him, as his body was extremely cold and he was spitting up green fluid.  


We moved this fragile preemie to the biggest children’s hospital in his province, where he remains today fighting for his life.


Our volunteers have given him the name Gideon, which means “Powerful Warrior.”  Reports from today are that he is still in critical condition, but we have seen so many miracles over the years, so we are all praying that Gideon gets his miracle as well.


If you would like to be a party of Gideon’s story, you can donate for his care in the NICU.  His sponsorship link is here.   Thank you all for thinking of this tiny little boy and sending every positive thought his way.

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