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Gifts and Goodbyes

Four volunteer teachers spent this past week in Huainan, China, providing professional development to our teachers at LWB’s Believe in Me School there. We are excited to share their adventures and insights with our supporters!

Friday, the final day of teacher training, was another wonderful day. The Chinese teachers were ready to hear all about managing children’s behaviors and had such insightful questions to ask. You could tell that they really care about the children whom they are teaching.

In the afternoon the training team turned the reins over to the Chinese teachers to give them the opportunity to show off their new and improved teaching skills. They found the Chinese teachers to be really excited about using the new games they were taught and could tell they were trying out some of the new concepts too!

During the afternoon activities they were able to give new t-shirts to the children which had been donated to the teacher training team. The children loved the new shirts and the other goodies! They were lucky enough to capture a great group photo.

Each school was given a duffel bag full of goodies to take back with them to use in their schools: new hula hoops, textured balls,“moon shoes,” laminated items for their classroom walls, and bean bags, just to name a few.

Moon shoes

The day ended with an awards ceremony in which all of the Chinese teachers received certificates of achievement for their outstanding work this week.

After the awards ceremony all the teachers went out to dinner and then to a karaoke night!

Ellen makes friends with her dinner!

The Chinese teachers presented the teachers on the training team with gifts of appreciation, which we know they will treasure.

Amy, Carol, Ellen, and Lisa show off their gifts

Saturday morning the training team returned to Hefei and had a wonderful afternoon playing with the babies in the Anhui Healing Home. What a remarkable place this is! The nannies show such amazing love and attention to the children, and the children were bright-eyed and happy.

It was a fun and relaxing afternoon, and everyone enjoyed ending the week with more love and hugs from the kids.

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