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Gina: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Two-year-old Gina first came into the care of LWB as a preemie, and our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit helped her to grow strong enough to enter foster care. When she left Heartbridge and entered our Shunyi foster care program in February 2010, she was very wary of new people.  Now, thanks to the love and devotion of her foster family, she has warmed up and is doing so well!!

She is now very welcoming to our manager when he visits and also to most new people, which is a huge change for her.  Although at first she still keeps new people at a distance, she now warms up to them in no time.

Gina is walking and becoming more curious about the world, in part thanks to her loving foster sister Grace. She likes to do things on her own but adores Grace’s company as well, and these two girls are inseparable. Having a sister to play with, learn from and love has meant so much for Gina.

Gina is now beginning to talk more and communicate in short sentences, and her little voice is darling! She listens well and is obedient to her foster parents who adore her and treat her like a princess.

Gina needs an additional sponsor to pay for her monthly foster care fees.  Each sponsor receives a detailed monthly foster care report together with some photos of her.  Please consider sponsoring this cute little girl’s stay in foster care and you will get to see her beautiful smile EVERY month!

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  • arooney says:

    Have Grace or Gina been adopted yet, we have two adopted children from China and would like to add another child to our loving family.

    Thank you

  • farmpixie says:

    We are LID 11/20/09 and approved for SN kids. Is there any idea of when either child will be available to adopt?

  • hanamoriah says:

    Hi, thank you for your dedication to these children. Is there a possibility of Gina or Gracie being considered on your shared list? We are very interested. Working with special children in the past years gave me a better perspective on how truly precious they are. Would very much like to have one or two in my family someday through adoption. Please keep me posted on Gina and Gracie’s status. Thank you.

  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Nathalie! Gina is currently 27 months old and as cute as a button. Her adoption paperwork has not yet been filed and she is not on the shared list at this time. Thanks so much for your interest in her!

  • Nathalie Fournelle /Benoit Matte / Magnolia Matte says:


    Do you have some news about Gina ?

    How old is she ?

    Is she available for adoption ?