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Girl Power in Uganda

A new school term has begun at our Believe in Me school in southwest Uganda.  We were thrilled that a wonderful 96% of the children showed back up on the first day of class, as enrollment and retention among primary students in the rural regions of Uganda remains a challenge.  We also welcomed many new students as well!

 Summer wildflowers in front of our schoolhouse

In impoverished villages across Uganda, girls often have a much more difficult time of attaining an education as they are expected to help with domestic chores and subsistence farming. Almost half of Ugandan girls don’t finish primary school and marry when they are just 15-17. Our goal is to drastically change these numbers for the children in the village where we are working.

Today we want to introduce you to five amazing little girls who are currently attending our school and whose dreams include growing up to become nurses, teachers, scientists, and more.

First meet Shonna, whose single mother tragically died during childbirth.  She eventually came to be cared for by an elderly aunt, and we’re so happy she was able to join the Kabale BIM school a few months ago. Shonna is both clever and sociable, and we know through education she will have the best chance possible of a brighter future.

Next we would like to introduce you to Baylee, who along with Shonna, is a student in our youngest grade level. Baylee is also growing up without parents for the time-being, as her mother and father left the region in search of work. Baylee’s parents left her in the care of her impoverished grandmother who truly loves her, but doesn’t have the resources to send her away to a boarding school. The BIM Kabale school in her village allows Baylee to attend school close to her home and is equipping her to read and write and to reach for the stars.

Five-year-old Mary absolutely loves coming to school and is showing herself to be a budding artist. When the children were asked to draw something from memory, Mary chose to draw a very fine mango tree. Mary has really been enjoying seasonal fruits during our breakfast and lunch program along with the rest of the students.  However, Mary has added a twist to her routine. She carefully saves the seeds from the fruits she is given and takes them home to plant in the family garden. She proudly explains that she would like to grow fruit for her brothers and sisters to enjoy as well. The children are really catching onto the idea of sustainable nutrition!

Randi is another little girl who also loves meal time at our school.  Meat, beans, rice, posho and fresh fruit are a huge blessing each day for the children whose families struggle to provide even the barest necessities.  Randi is known in Uganda as a “single orphan,” as her father sadly lost his life as a policeman last year.  Her mom and siblings struggle to get by, and we’re so grateful that thanks to our supporters, we can make education a reality for this bright and caring little girl.

Finally we would like you to meet Daisy. When she first enrolled in our school program, she was extremely shy and lacked any self-confidence. Just a few months later, Daisy now sings and dances with her new friends and has even taken on the role of musical mentor to many of the younger children. Our director Innocent told us, “She is now a source of sustainable transformation.” That is quite a title for such a young girl! We are very proud of Daisy with her bright eyes and huge smile and can’t wait to see everything she will accomplish in school.

Want to be a part of something wonderful for girls?  Become a monthly sponsor for our school in Uganda and receive regular updates on the beautiful children you’re impacting. We have many more students needing someone to believe in them!  Click on the Girl Power button to learn more!



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