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Girls On the Move!

During our Teacher Training this June, we were made aware of three beautiful girls in three different Believe in Me schools in need of new medical walkers. We ordered them and couldn’t wait to see how the girls liked them. The walkers have arrived, and when we saw these photos that old Luther Vandross song came to mind:  “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now…We’re on the Move!”

Lydia 8.15Lydia

It looks like Lydia from Jinjiang, Lucia from Shaoguan, and Tara from Lanzhou are happy to be ‘on the move’.

Lucia 8.15Lucia

Tara 8.15Tara

Being ‘on the move’ enhances a child’s ability to heal, learn, interact with others, and improves self-esteem and independence. And, it’s FUN!  It is so much more fun participating with your classmates than having to watch from the sidelines like Lucia, Lydia and Tara had to do before they got their walkers.

Thanks to our Special Projects fund, we are able to immediately answer the call for medical walkers, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment as long as funding is available.

We are so grateful to be able to meet the needs of the children in our programs. With your support, there just ‘ain’t no stoppin’ us!’

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