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Girls Yearning to Go Back to School

Back to school.  It’s what so many of us are thinking about right now for our own children as we do what we can to prepare them for another year of learning and growth.  In rural China, the idea of heading back to school is a privilege that typically exists for those who can afford it.  Children and young adults from poor families are often unable to afford school tuition and supplies, and as a result the cycle of poverty continues.  LWB’s Secondary and Higher Education Program (SHE) exists to provide support to children who have shown great ability — and great need.  At this “back to school” time of year, we would like to share with you the stories of three very deserving girls who want nothing more than to attend school to help improve their own lives and the lives of their families.

Kehong  (Age 16)

I was two years old when my mother ran away from home. So far no further news from her. My father suffers from intervertebral disc hernia and he cannot do heavy labor. My grandmother is 83 and suffers from bronchitis for many years now. I want to go to school. I want to go to college. I hope that I can be sponsored.

Amount Needed to sponsor Kehong: $2,300.49.  Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.

LinHua (Age 13)

I live in a remote village. In 2005 my dad fell off a 3rd story building and went into a deep coma. He was in masonry work. We spent all of our savings to save him. We now have a large debt. There was really no alternative other than to take Dad home. My mother could not stand it and divorced him two years later. My grandparents are in poor health and we are struggling to survive. My dad needs medication to manage his pain. I need money to go to school. I want to study. I am touched by your kind heart. Please help us. Thank you.

Amount Needed to sponsor LinHua: $1,140.07.  Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated.


LiJun (Age 13)

In 2010 my sister died of a serious disease. In our efforts to save her we acquired a huge debt which we still owe. Two years later my father was injured at work and lost two of his fingers. The manufacturing company has never paid him anything in return. It makes it hard for Dad to find work. Mom says that they regret not having gone to school. All of the jobs they can do a low paying. I am the only hope my parents have. I must study hard. Yes, I will and I should.

Amount Needed to sponsor LiJun: $1,140.07.  Donations in any amount are appreciated.

No amount is too small when it comes to helping sponsor these girls’ education! To read more about them and other SHE students in need of sponsors to attend school, please visit our sponsorship page.

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