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Give Them the Power to Dream

For many of us in the United States and other western countries, opportunities abound, especially when it comes to the world of education. All American children know they can attend high school, and most will attend some college. On the other side of the world, however, children face a completely different reality.

In many of the poorest and most rural provinces in China, many children have no chance at an education. It is not because they are unable to do the work but that they are unable to pay the astonishingly high price of a high school education. Many of these children have had to grow up too fast, with many losing one or both parents before their time. Students must worry about how to pay for an education that could not only make a difference for them but for their families as well. For these children, an education means leaving their families behind, living on their own, and being self-reliant at the young age of fourteen or fifteen. There is hope, but for these children it seems more like a dream.

For some students, however, there is a way to make their dreams come true. Truly outstanding students who live in the poorest of conditions may apply to be a part of LWB’s Sunflower Project. The children accepted are often amazed that someone on the other side of the world cares enough to make a difference in their lives. What was once only a dream of a high school education has transformed into the reality of a promising future and, with enough hard work, an opportunity to attend university.

Xavier is a teenage boy from Hunan who has struggled throughout his life. Until recently, he didn’t think good people existed in the world. When he heard that people from around the world wanted to help him, he was understandably doubtful. Now Xavier is in his third year of high school and has had a change of heart. Now he realizes that people do care, and it has altered his attitude and outlook on life.


We’ve put together a video profiling some of the students currently in the Sunflower Project. Please take a few moments to hear their stories, see their living conditions, and be inspired by their courage and tenacity to pursue their dreams in the face of obstacles most of us can’t even imagine. Put yourself in their shoes, if only for a few moments, and then see if you have it in your heart to help one of these students make a better future for themselves and for their family.

By sponsoring a student in LWB’s Sunflower Project, you can be a part of the stories of these children’s success. Giving them a chance means giving them the power to dream and change their lives for the better!


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