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Have you heard about the GiveList? It is an incredible resource of ways to “support communities and causes this holiday season that don’t necessarily require writing a check” that is sweeping the social networking world. LWB wanted to take part in this list as well. While we of course can’t do any of our work without financial donations, we have other needs as well. Here is a list of 10 ways that you can impact orphaned and impoverished children without opening your pocketbook.

1) VOLUNTEER! We are in need of several volunteer coordinators right now, including volunteers to help write reports and thank donors. Our surgery program, our nutrition program, and our Heartbridge healing home are just a few of the areas in need of motivated people who want to help children in China.

2) CALL A FRIEND who might be looking for a charity to support at year end and tell them that LWB has many children waiting for immediate sponsorship. They will get regular updates on the child they impact, and you can know that you helped make it happen!

3) CREATE a piece of artwork for our annual heart surgery art auction, held each spring.

4) EBAY! List your quality used items on eBay and designate LWB to receive a portion of the proceeds. We are a registered charity with their Giving Works program. When you are listing an item to sell, at the bottom of the listing page, choose “select another nonprofit you love” and search Love Without Boundaries Foundation. Click “select” and then choose to donate between 10-100% of the selling price to help kids in need.

5) PRINT some LWB brochures by clicking here and pass them out to your friends, leave them on a table in your office, or ask your favorite local stores to put them on their counters.

6) TELL your friends and family that instead of gifts, you would like donations made in your honor to help change the life of a child. LWB has many choices of gift cards.

7) BLOG about one of your favorite children or stories you have gotten to know through LWB and include a link to our website.

8) VISIT our website FIRST to shop Amazon.com. Just visit http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com and click on the Amazon button at the bottom. We then get 4% of what you spend, at no cost to you. (okay, that involves your pocketbook but you were already shopping, right?)

9) CARRY. Traveling to China for business, adoption or vacation? – can you carry cleft bottles, protein powder for children having surgery, or medical equipment as part of your luggage?” Our staff can meet you in Beijing, Hefei, or Guangzhou and get it to the kids who are waiting.

10) JOIN FACEBOOK and then join our Cause! ( http://www.causes.com/lwb ) We have had several people write to let us know that when they connected with old friends on Facebook, their friends then wanted to know more about LWB! A great way to impact children in need is to simply spread the word that they are waiting for help. And once you join the Cause, write on our Facebook wall. We love to hear from you!

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