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Giving Girls

A wonderful group of preteen girls from Sylvania OH have made a difference for a little baby boy named Zhi. These girls, who are all members of a Pioneer Club at their church, have made it their goal to raise every penny for this child’s cleft surgery. Every one of these girls has worked hard. One young lady raised money by doing extra work around the house and donating half of her birthday money, two girls shoveled snow for money, and three girls took a fund can around during their “coffee time” at church to ask for donations. In fact these girls were so enthusiastic with their fundraising, that they have already raised $35 towards another child’s surgery! Their teacher hopes that through this experience that each of catch the vision for helping people, one at a time.

We are so thankful to each one of these girls. This little boy will soon have a new smile because of their generous spirit.

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