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Giving Grace And Her Family The Gift of Hope

Many of you know the story of Grace, the 14-year-old Ugandan girl who had surgery for abdominal tumors this summer. Even while she was recovering in the hospital, she began to dream about continuing her education, since she had dropped out of school in the fifth grade due to her poor health.

Thanks to your amazing support, Grace has now returned to school. In fact, your generosity allowed us to enroll not only Grace – but also her younger brother and sister.

Since they are attending a boarding school (one of the best in their region), a shopping trip was first on the list. In addition to books and uniforms, the children needed blankets, brooms, and water collection cans as well.

Hudson is Grace’s 8-year-old brother. He is very attached to his home and his dog, and the idea of living at school was scary for him.

We are very proud of him for his courage. It cannot be easy to be a new student at a new school where they speak only in English, a language Hudson does not yet know! After just a few weeks,  Hudson has made some friends and is fitting in.

Six-year-old Rosemary is smiling from ear to ear as she shows off her new school uniform on her very first day. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing great things from this darling girl with the big dimples and twinkling eyes!

Grace enjoyed showing off her new school uniform as well. This lovely young lady says she already likes school very much and has made many new friends. She is determined to study as hard as she can to catch up with her peers.  Isn’t she a beauty?

We have to admit that seeing Grace proudly wearing her private school uniform makes us realize again just how miraculous her journey has been.

Grace’s transformation can be summed up with one simple word:  HOPE.  Because of your generosity, all three children now have true hope for their futures. We’ll keep you updated on their progress!

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