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Giving Thanks for Encouragement

Wang Xia Nan is a student in the Sunflower Project. At only 15 years old, Xia Nan is much younger than our other students and is in her second year of high school. Her mother is handicapped and cannot do any work. Her father works as a porter in a brick factory to support the family. This precious girl has never had the money to buy clothes; she reports that all her clothes have been given to her by kind-hearted people. In her home she sleeps on a bed that is a piece of plywood on stilts. Now with the help of sponsors, she can attend a boarding high school, sleep on a soft bed in a warm room, and continue her studies. We treasure seeing Xia Nan’s smile as she chooses a backpack of her very own, for perhaps the first time, and hope that she knows that she is cared for and that many people around the world are cheering her on.

We are grateful that we are able to bring happiness to the lives of students, many of whom had never received a gift or heard a word of encouragement from a non-family member before entering our program. Thanks to all of our sponsors who make this possible!

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