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Giving Thanks for Independence

This month we heard a great report on Tim, our future dentist, whom you may remember has just recently started in a college dental program after receiving his vocational certificate in dentistry this past summer. At first Tim was having a hard time being away from the orphanage and his friends. We asked our China manager to check on Tim frequently to be certain that he had someone encouraging him and showing him that people cared and were there for him.

This month we heard that Tim is starting to get used to his new life and is making new friends! He lives in a dorm with a total of five students, all of whom have their own beds and dressers but share a common bathroom. He gets along well with all of his dorm-mates, which is great news since they’re living in close quarters! Like all new university students, Tim’s biggest challenge has been learning to focus his time on studying. He knows he has to learn self-discipline in order to succeed. Tim says his favorite pastimes are playing ping pong and running with his friends. He mentioned that his college campus is so large that they have a great time running and exploring. Boys will be boys…even on their way to becoming men!

We are thankful that we are able to help students like Tim grow up to become responsible adults ready to fully function in society.

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