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Giving Thanks for Our China Team

Did you ever wonder how LWB, whose volunteers are mostly in countries outside of China, is able to accomplish what we do with the children IN China? Well, we could never do it without our amazing China team! LWB has 9 directors, 33 managers, 28 healing homes staff members and 19 education staff members, without whose help our mission would be impossible.

Members of our China team live in cities all over China and do not often have an opportunity to meet each other. That’s why we loved this photo of Victoria and Yvonne. Victoria Leong is a volunteer who lives in Hong Kong and is the coordinator of the Sunflower Project. She recently traveled to Hunan to meet our Sunflower students and met up with Yvonne (Hui Cong), our China Education Director. We are thankful for Victoria, Yvonne, and for all of our China staff for their time and dedication to the impoverished and orphaned children of China. We truly could not do what we do without them!

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