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Giving Thanks for Our Supporters

When we first saw baby Delyth’s photos after her orphanage called us for help, we honestly weren’t sure if she would survive.  She was just so tiny and weak from her complex heart condition, and in every photo her mouth was open wide as she struggled for oxygen.

Delyth was able to have open heart surgery as soon as she was stabilized, and then she was moved to one of our healing homes.  Today we give special thanks for all of the people who support our medical program – as we think everyone would agree that this world is a better place with Delyth in it.

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  • dejaro says:

    That´s so wonderful… What a beautiful little Sweetie..<3 <3 <3

  • TanyaLea says:

    I think I gasped the first time I seen Delyth’s “after” photo! Oh it’s amazing what some unconditional TLC, good nutrition and proper care can do! Thanking God for this precious baby girl and the wonderful team of caregivers who helped her to not just survive, but to THRIVE!! <

    Happy Thanksgiving, LWB!