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Going Green in Huainan

Students around the world are brimming with enthusiasm about “going green” and bursting with knowledge about the Three R’s — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Our students at the Believe In Me school in Huainan are no different! Believe In Me teachers recently put the concept of The Three R’s into practice using a very familiar natural resource — water.

First, the children gathered around the water pump and practiced pumping just the right amount into a small bucket so as not to waste any. Each child then carried a bucket full of water from the pump to a bowl several yards away, taking special care not to spill a drop. After dumping their bucket into the bowl, they raced back to pump some more. Once the students returned to the classroom, they spent time dipping a cloth into water, learning how to wring it out, and using it to wipe down their table and chair.

As you can imagine, the Believe In Me students had so much fun with this activity that they hardly realized they were learning. I am certain there will be many more “green” activities to come!

Sandy Hartman is the LWB Believe in Me Huainan, Anhui Coordinator. Sandy, her husband and two daughters live in Ohio.

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