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Going to School

It has been one month since seventeen “Believe in Me” education children at Huainan, Anhui, began attending public school, along with the seven children who already attended.  The children were placed either in public preschool, which is similar to our kindergarten, or in first grade.  Our program manager, Kathy, provided the following description of Hope’s reaction to the public school:

 “Hope is a good girl.  This September, she started her school outside the orphanage.  On the day before the school started, we bought a new school bag, some new exercise books, a pencil box, pencils, and an eraser for her.  In school, she always listens to the teacher carefully.  She said she had made a lot of new friends at school and was very happy to be at a public school like a normal child.  She is interested in everything at school and is very active in all kinds of activities.  The teacher praises her as a good and diligent student.  She studies her lessons very seriously, can finish her home assignment timely, and always keeps her text books and exercises books clean and tidy.  Hope is a gentle girl.  She wears brilliant smiles every day.  She is so happy that she has the chance to accept formal education at public school like a family child.  She has made up her mind that she will listen to the teacher attentively at class and study hard to get excellent scores so as to repay all who help and care her so much.”


Just two weeks before Hope began public school, we watched our youngest daughter hop on the bus to take her to her new kindergarten class.  She was armed with her backpack and full of new school supplies, probably very similar to Hope’s.  School is such a part of life here; to think that Hope so appreciates attending just to be “normal” really hit me and makes me appreciate what we have even more.


When our daughters come home, we help them with their nightly homework.  Thanks to our wonderful sponsors and donors, tutors help the children at Huainan during the lunchtime break, four nights a week, and on Saturdays so these children can succeed as well!


Sponsors, thank you so much for supporting LWB’s many education programs.  I guarantee that you are making a difference in so many lives!Sandy Hartman


Believe in Me – Huainan, Anhui, Education Coordinator


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