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Gone Too Soon

Today we got the news that no one ever wants to hear. At 4:35 in the afternoon in China today, sweet baby Evan had a sudden heart attack and passed away. He had been happy and alert all afternoon, and so no one expected this to happen. I once again was reminded of the fragility of life, and how none of us can ever know how many days we have left on this earth.

Evan was from southern China, from an orphanage who was new to international adoption and whose staff were a bit nervous about handing over one of their babies to us for care, even though they knew he had a very severe heart defect. The director of the orphanage called our team in China many times, making sure our healing home would be a nice place for Evan to live, and wanting reassurance that we would care for him gently.

Evan when he first came into LWB hands

Evan came to live at our Heartbridge healing unit, and he went through a successful first stage heart surgery. He then tolerated us making him look like a pirate when we started patching for his lazy eye. And through it all – he smiled and smiled – and touched the hearts of everyone who met him.

I was last with Evan in March – and we got to cheer him on as he showed off his walking skills by pushing a baby walker across the room. His nanny was so proud of him, and it was very clear that he was so in love with her. I left Beijing knowing that Evan was in a wonderful place, but I also knew that he was on the special needs adoption list – and that he still had not been chosen. All of us were determined to help him find a permanent home, and so many people helped spread the news that he needed a family. I am so sad that he never got to meet his very own mom and dad through adoption. But I know I speak for so many of us that we are honored to have been his family during his short time on this earth. Without a doubt – Evan was loved and cherished, and his achievements were celebrated. I love knowing that his cute photos are on many people’s refrigerators and desks. He didn’t leave this world unknown.

I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard to advocate for him to find a family. I want to thank his supporters and sponsors who funded his heart surgery and his stay at Heartbridge. To everyone who lifted this child up and sent prayers for his well being – I am deeply grateful. Every child’s life is just so important, and beautiful Evan reminds us all that we can never stop working to give these incredible children a chance to be loved. 

Evan – you will be so missed – and you absolutely will not be forgotten.

Amy Eldridge, Executive Director

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  • Leslie says:

    Thank you Evan for blessing those who met you with your beautiful spirit and smile. You will be missed but never forgotten.

  • Medeah says:

    This breaks my heart. He looks like such a sweet little boy. He looks so happy. I am so sorry.

  • Jocelyn Scott says:

    So heartbreaking! In his pictures he looks so sweet. I’m glad he was loved