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Good-For-You School Snacks


Why are these students from LWB’s Believe in Me schools smiling? Perhaps it is because learning is fun. Maybe it is because they are enjoying playing new games with their friends. Or, it could be that they are enjoying a snack. Shhh — don’t tell them that it is nutritious!


When our Believe in Me teachers told us that their students had difficulties focusing on school work because they were hungry, we set out to solve the problem. All children love a snack at school, but we make sure it is not just any snack.

Foods are chosen for their nutritional content: raisins for iron, hard-boiled eggs for protein, bananas for potassium, and milk for calcium, just to name a few. Snack items are also a way of introducing children to new foods and can also make great teaching tools for the teachers.


Your donation in any amount to our School Nutrition fund helps provide students with the nutrients and calories they need to make learning possible… and the enjoyment of a school snack.

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