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GOOD NEWS! Medical Update

Tingting went to Shanghai Children’s today to check on the little boy who had the huge tumor surgery on Monday. She wrote the following to us:


Bao Jin is such a sweet little precious child!!!

Poor baby, he has this huge incision on his bottom and also on his tummy. They have removed everything that weighed totally 4lbs during a 4-hr surgery.

He has chubby little cheeks and arms.. he also has the softest skin. He was sore after surgery but he enjoys my head massage – then he would stop crying. He likes to grab my finger real tight too. He just won’t let go of my finger. It was so hard to say goodbye as he was holding my finger really tight. I love that baby!!


Thank you to everyone who lifted up this beautiful little boy. We are all so thrilled that he now has a great chance at a healthy life!

Tingting also stopped by to see baby Yuan, a baby who is at the hospital with an urgent heart condition. We learned today that he has an 8 mm VSD that is leading to pulmonary hypertension. He is being urgently treated for a lung infection and we are hoping surgery can be scheduled as soon as he is stable. He is such a tiny little guy….just eight pounds. But he has already proven that he has a true fighting spirit.

We are so grateful to the CHI waiting children group for rallying around this beautiful little boy and helping him have every chance at being healed.

Amy Eldridge

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