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Gorgeous Guillem

Late last year, we added a new student to our Believe in Me school in Shanxi province. Guillem, as he came to be called, had just recently entered orphanage care, and his somber little face stole our hearts the moment we saw his first photo. The orphanage staff didn’t have any information on his background, but we hoped that joining our education program would give him the encouragement and stability he needed.


Guillem was at first shy in the classroom, but he quickly began taking part in all the activities, and he especially loved anything involving artwork.

Here he is with some of his masterpieces.

art (2)

art (1)

A few weeks ago, Guillem’s teachers contacted us because he was having multiple medical issues.  We moved him to Shanghai as quickly as we could, so that a variety of tests could be performed. Doctors told us that Guillem had a heart defect which was causing high pulmonary hypertension, a condition which if left untreated, can cause a child to be inoperable. They said he needed immediate heart surgery if he was to have any chance at permanent healing.

In addition, Guillem’s lower legs and feet are swelling and warm to the touch. Doctors are doing additional tests, as they said it could be caused by either kidney issues or even possible long term parasites.

in hospital

Guillem has been having a very hard time in the hospital. The first night he was too afraid to sleep in the bed, and his nanny said he was trying to sleep sitting upright in a chair.  He also gets very distressed if his shoes and toys aren’t right next to him.  So many changes in his life in such a short time.

This wonderful little boy needs every good thought sent his way. He has a lot of unknowns at the moment, but we are hopeful we will have more answers soon. We are sending a huge thanks today to everyone who supports our medical program.  Through your support, kids like Guillem can get the medical care they so truly need.  We are beyond grateful!

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