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Got Bibs? We Do, Thanks To You!


When we asked for volunteers to make bibs and hats for our upcoming Cleft Exchange, we honestly had no idea what kind of response we would get. Were we ever surprised by the incredible outpouring of support for this project! The babies and children on the cleft exchange are going to be sporting the most stylish hatwear and neckwear anywhere in China!

hats and bibs 001

hats and bibs 010

One mother wrote: Wow! We had a blast making bibs for your Cleft Exchange as a service project….To my surprise, every single girl in my daughter’s 6th grade class volunteered.


What does that look like? Three sewing machines….15 girls (some not pictured), one mom, and one grandma…These girls are on fire!

Another mom sent this above photo of her two daughters, both of whom were adopted at age two from China, creating bibs in their dining room for the babies.

Some generous folks have even been tucking checks into the boxes with their bibs and hats. We plan to earmark these funds specifically for quality formula for the children.  Once their clefts are repaired, more of that formula will get in their bellies and less on the bibs!


We make multiple trips a year to monitor existing programs, visit potential places for new programs and do training such as the physical therapy trip just completed, the cleft exchange in April and our teacher training trip this summer.  We’ve already sent some of the bibs and hats with the trips in March.  We will take suitcases full with us to the Cleft Exchange, leaving some with our healing homes in Beijing and Kaifeng, some with our China managers to distribute to the children in their local programs and, of course, to the children of the cleft exchange and their nannies to take back to other children in their orphanages.

400 bibs

200 hats




Our current count is 1,218 bibs, 526 hats, 53 no-nos, small stuffed lovies and toys, and some children’s Pedialyte and Tylenol.  We are absolutely overwhelmed with your kindness.

Since our suitcases are already bursting at the seams, we can no longer accept any more donations of bibs or hats as of April 1. However, we always welcome donations in any amount to our Cleft Exchange Fund to help cover expenses during the trip.

We are so grateful to everyone who put their creative skills to work to help children in China, and we will be excited to share photos of the babies wearing some of your creations in just a few weeks!

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  • Rob O'Neill says:

    With the unity of everyone, you have achieve all your plans to have a lot of baby bibs and hats for your project. It is very overwhelming that there are little children who volunteered to help you. You will surely be blessed for your kindness
    in helping others and you are lucky enough to have that outpouring support. I hope that you will continue your generosity in doing good things for the people.

  • Crystal Beaman says:

    It is so affirming to see young children reach out and help others. I’m so glad the response was appropriate to the cause!

  • Karen says:

    Oh so many great bibs. I love the fleece hats. Could you give the name of the pattern I would love to make some for a charity. Thank you.

  • chinalwb says:

    Mary Lou, someone will be in touch with you via email. Thanks so much, and best wishes!

  • Mary Lou Marr says:

    These little items are adorable!!! Would it be possible for me to get the pattern for these? We have a perinatal hospice group at our hospital and some of us make hats and blankets for them. Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!!