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Grace, Full of Life!

Grace is a little girl full of life!


As a part of our Education program in Hunan since 2012, Grace is known to be very polite and neat at school.  Her teachers have seen two years of her enthusiasm and cheerfulness. Now, the hope is that she will bring that to a family through adoption!


Grace’s speech delays do not hold her back from expressing herself. She takes initiative in the classroom, is helpful, and seems to have a positive attitude.

Watch as Grace proudly recites for us some of what she has learned.

She certainly doesn’t appear to be too shy!


Here, she sings “San Zi Jing”, a children’s song called, “Mama works hard.”

Grace’s sincere words are poignant as they echo in an empty classroom, coming from a child without a mama to hold her, to laugh with her, and to smile and clap enthusiastically for her after she’s done singing. We don’t know what she imagines a Mama to be like, but we do know that she deserves the opportunity to find out.

Grace is now nine years old and finally waiting to be matched with parents of her own. Let’s all hope she is graced with a wonderfully loving and supportive family!

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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