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Grace: One of Our Heroes of 2017

This summer, we introduced you to Grace. Grace is a 14-year-old girl from Uganda who was suffering from abdominal tumors so severe that she could barely sit up. Grace had to drop out of school, and when we learned about her plight we were determined to help her.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we were able to raise the full amount needed for Grace’s surgery, and after spending many weeks in the hospital in Kenya, she recovered and came home, dreaming of a way of getting back to school to finally get an education.

Once again, our supporters continued to amaze us. They stepped up to help send not only Grace, but her siblings Hudson and Rosemary, to a quality boarding school so that these three children could have the best possible future.

Our year-end campaign celebrates heroes among us, and there is no doubt that Grace is one of our heroes of 2017. Not only did she endure her suffering and surgery with amazing inner strength, but now she is moving mountains to receive her education!  We know you’ll celebrate with us that Grace received very high marks in her first term back at school, and she is determined to study hard and use this opportunity to better her life.

Lives like Grace’s continued to be changed because of our supporter’s generosity. Please be a hero to a child in need and make a donation to LWB before the end of 2017. Together, we can continue to changes lives of children around the world.

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