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Grace’s Determination

Have you ever thought about what the real meaning of determination is, especially when it comes to a child? I actually looked it up in the dictionary last week, and when I saw these words -– RESOLVE, WILLPOWER, and STRENGTH OF CHARACTER — the very first face that came into my mind was Grace from Uganda.

If you follow our work you already know Grace’s story, of a young girl growing up in a remote village whose stomach began to grow rapidly many years ago. It grew to a point where she found it difficult to sit or even breathe, and her failing health caused her to drop out of school…an absolute tragedy for a girl with such an insightful, curious, and intelligent mind.

LWB arranged for medical testing for Grace and learned that she had a rare condition where thousands of small tumors were growing inside her abdomen. We made a commitment to this young girl to find a way for her to be healed, and through an incredible series of events, one of the top pediatric surgeons for her condition agreed to fly to Africa in order to help her.

I know people around the world waited with bated breath during her 26-hour operation, hoping for the news that Grace had safely come through surgery. And while it was indeed a difficult recovery, we cheered with joy when Grace could finally return home feeling whole and healthy.

Soon after, Grace was accepted to the top private school in her region. Because she wanted her little brother and sister to also have a chance at a better life, we asked for donations for the entire sibling group to attend, and you all made their first year possible.

When Grace first walked into a classroom again after being out for several years, she understandably earned marks that were well behind her peers. Grace had decided on her future dream, however, when she was in the hospital recovering. She set a goal to become a doctor herself someday, to help others just like her. And so Grace worked nonstop at her studies this past year, determined to prove her ability to both her teachers and her classmates.

At the end of this last term, we received Grace’s report card, and we sat in awe looking at the paper which showed Grace had earned the #1 position in her grade out of 68 students in her class.  This remarkable young lady has overcome every obstacle because she’s holding firm to her goal of becoming a well-educated woman.

Over the summer break, Grace’s abdomen sadly began to swell again, and we know she’s facing more challenges to her health in the future. We’re working on the best possible option for her to receive continued medical care.

She and her siblings Rosemary and Hudson returned last week to their boarding school for the start of the new year. Grace is understandably distressed by the symptoms she’s once again feeling in her body, but we’ve assured her that right now she just needs to concentrate on her education, while we search for the medical care she might need. She loves school with a passion, and we know she will once again throw herself into her studies as she’s determined to remain at the very top of her class.

Today we are still $2,375 short to cover the room, board, books, and tuition for Grace, Rosemary, and Hudson for the 2018-2019 academic year. Will you join us to give them another year of hope and education?  No donation is too small as we come together for these close-knit siblings.

As soon as we have more news about Grace’s medical plan, we will update you. In the meantime, we want to continue sending her the message that people all around the world are cheering her on and believing in her dreams. To be a part of her remarkable story, you can make a donation here.

I send my deepest thanks to you for supporting LWB’s essential work and for making it possible for us to change lives…one child at a time.

~Amy Eldridge

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