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Graduating to Foster Care: Andrew, Walter, and Henry

What?  It’s time to graduate already?

That’s right, Andrew!  You and your buddies Walter and Henry from our healing homes program have grown and thrived and made us smile. As much as our healing home nannies and sponsors will miss you and your antics, we know that it’s time for you to graduate to the next chapter of your life:  living with a foster family in your hometown.

Andrew arrived at our Anhui Healing Home in March with a unilateral cleft lip and a minor heart defect. After cleft repair surgery in May, he came out of his shell more and loved sharing his sweet smile with everyone around him. In fact, Andrew’s nannies nicknamed him “The Happy Elf”! Hopefully he will soon share his warm smile and personality with his new foster mom!

Andrew’s friend Walter also lived at our Anhui Healing Home. He arrived as a tiny baby recovering from pneumonia.

Walter pneumonia care 2.16

During the seven months that he lived in our healing home, he grew into a big strong boy who enjoyed being in the center of all the activity!

1 Walter 7.16

This past week, Walter also met his new foster mom. He looks a bit suspicious, but we’re sure that he will soon enjoy the attention and activity in his new foster family.

In March, Henry arrived at our Heartbridge Healing Home with a cleft lip, looking a bit stunned and feeling fussy.

Henry intake 3.15.16

However, Henry soon warmed up to our nannies and began charming them all with his sweet personality.

Henry nanny

In May, Henry had cleft lip repair surgery and spent the summer recuperating. Last week, he met his new foster mom and looks pretty comfortable in her arms! Henry loves attention as well, and we think he will enjoy having his very own foster mom.

Andrew, Walter and Henry are all from the same hometown in Anhui, so it is likely that they will see each other and may even become good friends as they become toddlers!

We hope that these boys will all soon be eligible for adoption and matched with forever families of their own.  In the meantime, we are so pleased that they will get to experience the joys of life in a family environment with their new foster families!  Andrew, Walter, and Henry are all in need of sponsors to support their foster care placement.

Thanks so much to our big-hearted sponsors who made both healing home care and foster care placements possible for these children. They truly help us live out our belief that Every Child Counts.

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